About AlderSX.

Found in early 2018, AlderSX is a brain child of Digital Innovaator Abhi Dwivedi and Hotelier & Retail Expert Julie Do.

AlderSX OÜ is proud Estonia E-Residency Startup Company that creates innovative software solutions for ecommerce and online retailers under its AmzAutomation software brand.

AlderSX OÜ’s AmzAutomation is a Startup recognised and approved by Startup Estonia and Ministry of Internal Estonia.

With an ever growing reach of internet across the globe, we saw a rising need for local product creators, handicraft creators and small businesses to get online and start selling their products on ecommerce giants.

Unfortunately, what we found was a huge technical and compliance gap in the market, making in nearly impossibly for an average end-user to setup shop.

That’s where AlderSX was born and AmzAutomation Suite came into existence. We’re building advance technology powered by semantic learning Artificial Intelligence to help business get better actionable data and leverage that for their business growth.

Our goal is to help anyone get online, setup shop and start selling their physical products on ecommerce giants properly, increase market reach, sell globally and help their customers better.